Leadership Team

Our philosophy is straightforward: assemble a diverse, passionate team and cultivate a culture that empowers you to excel in your work.
Blake Bianchi
Founder & CEO
Announcing Soon
Chief Financial Officer
Announcing Soon
Chief Technology Officer
Marty Luckenbach
Chief Operations Officer
Tanner Ellis
VP, Sales & Coaching
Justin Fullmer
VP, Idaho Market
Taylor Sundquist
VP, Direct to Consumer
David Hirsch
Operations Manager
Jason Hennemuth
Loan Consultant
Riley McNeal
Loan Consultant
Jarrod Fassio
Loan Consultant
Vicki Vincent
Loan Consultant
Zachary Moore
Loan Consultant
Talo Pinto
Loan Consultant
Charlie Conrad
Loan Consultant
Hayley Brown
Loan Consultant
Noah Hall
Loan Consultant
Amanda Carlson
Business Development
Christy Darling
Sr. Processor